Scrap Metal Prices in Ireland

There can be huge deals in the scrap metal and car dismantlers business, which can be done within a short period of time. However, it is not a must that one should have large-scale scrap metals in order to trade. Also, it is important to understand the scrap metal prices around Ireland, in order to be loaded with enough knowledge. Knowing the right price for the scrap metal will allow you to go to the market fully prepared to make a deal.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the prices of the metal will always vary depending on the conditions, or the type of the metal.

Factors That Affect The Price

Apparently, the scrap metal will have different prices, and some of the factors that will contribute to the price fluctuation include the following;

The Demand: When the demand for scrap metal is high, the price will also shoot up. For instance, if the country needs scrap metals for specific functions, the price will automatically go up.
The Economy: When the economy is low, there will be the need to buy scrap metals for recycling, rather than buying fresh metals. This will also affect the price, which can go up.
The Type Of The Metal: Every metal comes in different prices, and there are some that will cost more than others. For that, it is important to know the type of metal that you have.
The Market Condition: The rate, purity, quality and quantity of the metal will also affect the price of the metal.

What Is the Most Expensive Metal?

Generally, copper is known as a very valuable metal and also in scrap metals, it is the most expensive metal. Precisely, bright copper wire is the most expensive metal that will cost about £3.55 per kg, however, this can range from one company to another.

What Is the Cheapest Metal?

In scrap metals, Aluminium is the cheapest copper, in relation to the price. Generally, aluminium turnings would be bought from as low as £0.04 per kg, but the price might vary, according to the company.

What Items Contain Scrap Metals?

Basically, there are many things that are at people’s residences, or workplaces that contain scrap metals. Some of the most common things that will have scrap metals include the following:

  • Taps or ornaments, which contain brass.
  • Automobile parts, which will have aluminium,
  • Pipings: Some have heavy copper, others have braziery copper.
  • Industrial or Domestic broilers: They have copper tanks.
  • Cooking or household equipment, which are made of stainless steel.
  • Old roofing or lead piping contain lead.
  • Stripped Wire contains bright copper wire, the most expensive metal.

Whenever you want to buy scrap metal, you will need to visit a scrap metal dealer on-site, where you will be presented with a cheque or cash, after your scrap metal is certified.

Since the process and entire dealing entails amounts of money, you will be needed to carry your legal documents. The company may require you to provide your official id, whether a passport or a driving license. You might also need to provide your official address, which is not such a strict process. Basically, when determining the scrap metal prices, ensure you confirm with the dealer before making any deal.

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