Recycling Ferrous Metals in Ireland

Metal has remained over the years to be one of the best and commonly used natural materials. With varying chemical components, metal is classified in various categories depending on the chemical composition and as well its ability to withstand various corrosive environments. Ferrous metals are mainly characterized by the presence of iron and more so contain iron components.

What are Ferrous Metals?

Ferrous metals are a composition of steel or pig iron and carbon components. It is also an alloy that includes among other metals the stainless steel. All these alloys contain a varying composition of carbon hence its definition in the chemical context as having a +2 oxidation state. However, it is important to note that the carbon composition in the metal may vary between the different types of metals. This composition is used to define the various types of ferrous metals. However, the carbon component in the ferrous metals makes it more prone to rust and other corrosive effects more than other metals. In this regard, they always require to be enhanced with rust-resistant treatments that may include painting alongside others.

How Are Ferrous Metals Re-used?

Ferrous metals are known to contain magnetic properties. For this reason, they are more ideal in a wide range of applications. They also form the biggest percentage of the metal materials that can be recycled. This makes it ideal for use as t can be reused over the years in varying circumstances and be recycled for further use.

Large constructions require strong metals to reinforce structures and as well, as act as casts. With its high tensile strength, ferrous form is the best material for this purpose. It is also ideal in the construction of industrial premises and skyscrapers that require strong materials to put up. Other construction areas where the metal may be used include industrial containers, large-scale piping and railroads among others.

Owing to its high magnetic capabilities, the metal is also ideal in the manufacture of various motor vehicle components and industrial machinery. This is further enhanced by its high tensile strength that makes the metal an ideal component in the manufacturing process.

Most hardware appliances require to be strong enough. This owes to the fact that the appliances are used in varying fields to work on other metals and materials. This includes the equipment used around the house as well as in industrial premises. They include among others knives, repair tools, and farm equipment. Various sporting equipment is also created through the use of this metal.

The Role Ferrous Metals Play In Scrap Metal

Dumping is becoming one of the biggest problems globally. This is for the reason that most of the materials and types of equipment dumped create harmful environmental features that affect the daily lives of both humans and animals. This is through the formation of poisonous gases as well as effects on the sols and other environmental factors. For this reason, there have been calls globally to use recyclable materials in production and as such reduce the need to seek ways to decompose the dumped materials. In this regard, the metals are recyclable a factor that ensures that there is no need at any time to dump or look for ways to decompose them.

When exposed to elements, the metal also undergoes massive corrosion. During this process, the metal is known to produce harmful gases that case effects to the atmosphere. Among the gases produced is carbon dioxide which when recycled is known to reduce the impact by up to 52%.

The use of recycled metal is known to account for more than 40% of the total amount of metal used globally. This means that at the same rate, the need to mine and use natural resources to produce more metal is reduced in the same capacity. In the same regard, recycling steel is known to reduce the energy used by 75% when compared to the production of raw metal.

Final Verdict

The use of ferrous metal accounts for the biggest percentage of all the total metal used in all fields but especially for car dismantlers and car breakers. In this regard, it forms one of the most basic and common materials that are required for the production of metallic products. Owing to its effectiveness even when recycled, it also forms one of the safest and economical raw materials that can be used.

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