Questions about Race Against Waste’s junk collection services are answered below. Please call Kollect at if your inquiry has not been addressed here.

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Costs associated with having junk hauled away.

The cost of junk removal depends on how much room your unwanted items take into the back of our lorry. There is a range of prices available to you that we can discuss based on the quantity you need us to transport. Call the Kollect at 086-6013477 if you have any doubts about the volume your unwanted items will take up. We’re happy to give you a no-cost quote.

Where can I go to find a price range for my junk hauling job?

When we come to your house, we’ll give you a free, no-hassle estimate. Before you make an appointment for junk removal, you can get an estimate by calling our call centre at 086-6013477. Until we see your items in person, however, we cannot give you a price.

When can I schedule an appointment for junk removal?
Contact us at 086-6013477 or use the “Book Now” button on our website if you need prompt junk removal. One or more of our call centre agents can let you know when the first available appointment for junk removal is if you give them a call. We can work with even the busiest schedules because Kollect provides same-day and next-day appointments. When you need junk removed, simply give Kollect a call or go online to make an appointment.

How can I handle the cost of junk hauling?
Cash, credit, debit, and checks are all good options for paying for your junk removal service. We require payment in full (via the method of your choice) upon completion of our services.

In what size junk removal trucks do you specialise?
Our junk removal dump trucks are 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet in height. Thus, the capacity of six pickup trucks can be met with just one load from our trucks.

Do you have the capability to clean an entire house?
We make every effort to take on jobs of any size. Simply dial our number to arrange a time for us to come and clean your entire home. The length of time needed to clean a whole house depends on its size.

Where exactly do the Kollect team work?
Charlotte, the Triangle, and the Triad are all service areas for Kollect, a team of professional junk removers. Concord, Chapel Hill, and High Point are just a few of the many places we serve. Here’s a full rundown of where we deliver our services, if you’re curious.

Is it free to get a price estimate for junk hauling services?
Requesting an estimate from Kollect won’t cost you a single cent. You are under no obligation to accept our services if you receive a quote from us and later decide that they are too expensive.

What kinds of junk do you take away?
While we are able to accept a wide variety of common household items, there are a few exceptions. Find out what kinds of junk we do and don’t take away in this link. Call Kollect at 086-6013477 if the junk you want hauled away isn’t listed here. Any inquiries you may have regarding the cargo we transport will be gladly addressed.

I was wondering if Kollect offered weekend hours.
You can reach the Kollect between the hours of 8 and 9 every day of the week. Outside of these times, please click here to send us a message. If you contact us again, we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Renting dumpsters is something you help people do?
The Kollect will not help you rent a dumpster. We are a junk removal service that will pick up, transport, and properly dispose of all of your unwanted items. We also do concrete demolition and removal. If you hire a dumpster, you’ll need to do all the heavy lifting yourself. It’s also possible to hurt yourself or your property while moving heavy furniture and other household goods. Hiring a professional junk removal service is a risk-free and thorough method of cleaning up your home.

Where can I find out if there are any coupons I can use?
When you schedule your service with Kollect online, you’ll receive $20 off. You can find out about any additional deals, if any, that may be running on their Facebook page.

I need to know how much it will cost to have my junk hauled away.
Many junk removal services, including Kollect, base their prices on the volume of the truck it takes to transport your junk.

What is the procedure for rubbish collection?
There are only a few basic steps involved in the junk removal process.

Phone, use a contact page, or visit an online reservation tool.

  • A professional waste hauler will have you detail all the junk you need removed before providing you with an estimate.
  • Make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience. The typical time frame for a junk removal company’s arrival is two hours.
  • The day of your appointment, the junk removal team will call you 30 minutes before they arrive as a courtesy.
  • When they arrive, all you have to do is point out the things you no longer want, and they’ll give you a fair and firm estimate for the work.
  • Experienced junk removers will quickly and efficiently dispose of your unwanted items while you watch.
  • At long last, we can make amends. The likes of Kollect and similar junk removal services typically accept all three forms of payment.

How can I dispose of my junk at the lowest cost?

  • You could get rid of your undesired junk by trying to sell it at a lawn or garage sale.
  • Get yourself a roll off container from a service like Kollect. So, you can discard your personal belongings whenever you feel like it.
  • Take your junk to a dump and get rid of it the old fashioned way.
  • Bring your junk items to a recycling centre or other approved facility.
  • Bring your unwanted junk to a donation centre.
  • If you prefer to not load your junk items on your own, you could indeed hire a removal company such as Kollect.

How do I get rid of large junk?
You could get rid of big, heavy junk items such as bedrooms, bed frames, white goods, and chairs items by hiring a junk removal company such as Kollect.

How can I get rid of a living room sofa?
Couches are big and difficult to get rid of. You could save yourself the inconvenience by employing a junk removal service such as Kollect to get rid of your old couch.

What does it cost to junk a couch?
You could indeed find a local waste removal professional to junk your couch for much less with companies like Kollect, whereas large national companies may charge you exorbitant fees.

Can I tip the junk removal service?
Tipping is not expected, but always appreciated, when hiring a junk removal service. However, if your community junk removal experts do an outstanding job, you might want to rethink leaving a tip 15-20% of an expense of your waste removal job.