Trucks for Recycling

One thing that makes trucks more reputable is the fact that they can be used in heavy-duty jobs without wearing out easily. Evidently, approximately 87% of a truck is comprised of materials made from metals while the remaining 13% is made from rubber and plastic. Therefore, it is logical that approximately, 87% of a truck is recyclable, and that constitutes metal mainly aluminium and iron.

Additionally, even the plastic components are also recyclable and are often used even in new trucks. Among the best trucks for sale that can be recycled include:

1. Volvo trucks- Volvo trucks are designed in a manner that makes it practical and much possible to recycle. The materials used in Volvo trucks are made from metal and plastic, the metals used are mainly iron which are hard to corrode and lasts longer. Interestingly, the plastic and rubber component in Volvo trucks are also easy to recycle for other use. Fortunately, there is a dismantling handbook that gives a detailed explanation of how to dismantle various parts and prepare them for recycling. The handbook uses different colour codes to indicate the type of material that was used and therefore gives recyclers a very easy task during recycling.

2. GMC recycle trucks- GMC is yet another popular heavy-duty used truck often used for long-distance transport. Additionally, its large surface area works wonders to its general balance a feature that has seen it rise to the top list over decades now. GMC trucks are easy to recycle as many parts are readily available and the only thing that one can be forced to replace is the engine alone. GMC trucks uses CAT engines and this makes them easy to maintain and repair.

3. Mercedes trucks- Mercedes without doubt has been in the vehicle industry for quite a long period of time. It is this duration that has seen them make state of the art and well capable trucks when it comes to functionality, durability and reliability. Regardless of the year of make, nearly all Mercedes trucks are worth investing on and can be recycled afterwards to serve other purposes like carry to garbage, into tanks as exhausters to mention but a few. Material used in Mercedes trucks are long lasting and easy to maintain. The only constraint when it comes to Mercedes trucks is the fact they are way too pricy and can only be afforded by well established companies.

4. Nissan hard body trucks- produced by Nissan Company, Nissan hard body trucks are also quite reliable and best when it comes to recycling. Officially known by the name Nissan Datsun, they are built with a double wall bed and an overall styling. Unfortunately, the company no longer manufactures these types of trucks but they can still be found. These trucks have high engine power and can be driven in any kind of road regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, they are also economical in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. The only constraint with Nissan hardbody trucks is that they are small in size and therefore limited to only small jobs.

Trucks use similar parts to car parts although they are usually much more robust and heavy-duty due to the purpose of the vehicle.

Other popular truck models that can be recycled include; Chevrolet trucks, Isuzu trucks, Freightliner trucks and CCC trucks.

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