Your Business Waste – Why sort it?

Waste management costs money but managing it in an unsustainable manner costs even more. Waste in Ireland has now become one of the
most pressing environmental issues – it affects all of us and we all contribute to it. Individuals at home and at work have a vital role to play in solving the major waste problem we face. The EU and Government can adopt policies and pass laws; local authorities and private businesses can provide infrastructure, and education campaigns can be targeted at everyone but none of these efforts will deal with the major waste challenge we face unless individuals take action and play their part. Often the part played on an individual basis might seem insignificant – using the back of a piece of paper rather than a fresh sheet, putting a bottle in a glass bank or choosing to purchase recycled products.

However, the sum of all of these actions can and will make a huge difference in the Race Against Waste.

Here are some of the main reasons for reducing the amount of waste your business produces:

Economic – This is probably the main reason why your business should take part in the Race Against Waste. There are many savings to be
made. Firstly there are savings in terms of waste disposal costs, which will decrease if you commit to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling your waste materials. But the cost of raw materials should also decrease as you set about reducing the amount of waste which you produce and reusing as much as possible, rather than purchasing new goods. Once your system is up and running it will result in a more efficient workplace saving valuable staff time.

Legal obligation – you are legally obliged to manage your waste in a sustainable manner. Details on relevant legislation are set out in the Appendix.

Public relations – more and more consumers and companies within your supply chain are demanding a commitment by businesses to the
environment. By putting in place a sustainable waste management programme, you can highlight and promote the part you are playing to
your advantage. Improved environment – managing your waste in a sustainable manner will mean a diversion of waste away from the most common current option i.e. landfill to more environmentally preferable options.

Increased reduction and reuse efforts will also favour the environment by cutting down on the quantity of raw materials required.

Improved employee morale – by meeting the targets set by your waste minimisation plan and by contributing to a worthwhile cause you should see a morale boost among your employees!


Waste and Your Business
Dealing with waste in Ireland is a major challenge. We produce too much waste; in fact whether at home or at work, we are producing more waste than most of our European neighbours. Landfill space is running out – there is as little as three years capacity remaining in some regions.

Legislation has changed which makes waste segregation mandatory for most businesses. Segregation of waste into different categories at source is essential to ensure the maximum capability of recycling by producing clean segregated waste streams. Producing too much waste and consigning it all to landfills is a waste of natural resources and is completely unsustainable.

These are all very good reasons to join The Race Against Waste. However, the best reason of all from a business point of view is that managing waste better will save your business money!

Waste has become one of the most pressing issues for business in Ireland.

Costs of waste management have increased dramatically and most businesses now have obligations under the Packaging Regulations to
segregate and recycle waste. There are many reasons why we have a serious waste problem in Ireland and there are very many ethical and
environmental reasons why businesses should reduce and recycle waste.

However, if you run your own business as an owner-manager, or if you are a member of a large team of staff, you will be reading this pack because you want to know the answer to one simple question – HOW do I sort my waste problem?

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