Commercial Junk Removal

Businesses in Ireland and elsewhere benefit greatly from commercial junk removal. Many businesses have broken chairs and desks, old computer monitors, and broken printers. These items are a mystery to business owners. We can’t just throw things away in many communities.

Electronics, cell phones, and lithium batteries pollute our soil and water when discarded in landfills. Many experts believe this is one reason for the high incidence of cancers and unusual diseases. We must stop polluting the earth, and this begins with safely removing our trash.

As long as it isn’t hazardous, a commercial junk removal company will take it. Hazardous waste must be handled per EPA guidelines. Mold and asbestos are both dangerous substances that must be handled with care.

We offer a variety of rubbish removal services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. They’re tough but also versatile. They are designed to hold various wastes.

We can assist in:

  • Junk removal for home, garage, and business.
  • Furniture removal.
  • Taking apart electronic devices
  • Metal removal
  • Garbage collection services.
  • Collecting cardboard and paper.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Debris removal

Whether you’re redecorating, remodelling, or preparing for new tenants, Race Against Waste can help. Get a free quote from our commercial junk haulers today!