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Vehicle Dismantling and Recycling

Vehicle dismantling and recycling is an industry where at the end of their useful life, cars are dismantled to get spare car parts. Here a car crusher is normally used to reduce the size of the scrapped auto which makes it easier to transport to the steel mill. Each year, around 12-15 million cars go

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Trucks for Recycling

One thing that makes trucks more reputable is the fact that they can be used in heavy duty jobs without wearing out easily. Evidently, approximately 87% of a truck comprise of materials made from metals while the remaining 13% is made from rubber and plastic. Therefore, it is logic that approximately, 87% of a truck

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Scrapping and Recycling Your Car

Today, global warming is one of the biggest threats that our world is facing. We all know that this problem can gradually bring our world to the end. In order to protect our environment, it is very important to adopt good habits and think about different ways to contribute to the destruction of our environment.

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