Living Vicinity to Incinerators and landfills

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Living Vicinity to Incinerators and landfills

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Irish Medics At the 2008 AGM of the Irish Medical Organization in Killarney, a motion was passed demanding bio monitoring of people living within the vicinity of incinerators and landfills. Numerous medical studies have appeared internationally outlining the negative impacts on people living within the vicinity of Incinerators and landfills (especially to the unborn) . There is great concern in Ireland with proposals to build waste Incineratros and establish new super landfills in populated areas. The motion sought to address the lack of actual medical data available to decision makers by instituting a comprehensive bio monitoring regime.

The AGM supported the establishment of registers of known relevant baseline health data in the vicinity of new incinerators and landfill sites and in addition that active ongoing health surveillance systems , including bio monitoring, be undertaken in these areas in order to detect changes in the incidence of sentinel diseases and levels of bio toxins in the population

“The AGM also reflected concerns with global warming and energy consumption agreeing that In recognition of the impact of climate change on the health and survival of people in all areas of the world, more particularly in poorer areas, this AGM encourages health professionals and the institutions they work in to reduce their individual carbon footprint as a matter of urgency and furthermore calls on the DOHC and the HSE to give due consideration to the carbon footprint of all aspects of the health services with a view to achieving a 70% reduction by 2050.

“ZWAI welcomes all attempts to reduce waste creation, wasted time, wasted energy and demands a more sustainable approach to our use of natural resources